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Congratulations! You found the Best Insurance Company and possibly cheapest insurance rates in Sacramento, El Dorado County, and Northern California. We take care of New Drivers, Educators, Home Owners and college students. Fill out this free online quote form for Automobile Insurance, Car Insurance, Home Owners Insurance, Flood Insurance or Life Insurance.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Folsom

As an educator, you deserve special treatment. We offer a number of discounts to help educators lower their auto insurance rates.

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Life Insurance Folsom, CA

Term life insurance provides coverage for a specified amount of time and is ideal when time sensitive needs must be taken care of.

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Home Insurance
Folsom and Surrounding Areas.

Horace Mann’s homeowner policies provide the building blocks you need to withstand most hazards, and are customizable to meet your specific needs.

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Auto Insurance Online

3 Easy Steps Will Give you a Car Insurance Quote Online.

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Helping educators
manage student loan debt

We offer solutions to help you remove or reduce student loan payments

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We provide auto, home and life insurance to protect what teachers and school employees have today, and retirement and financial solutions to help them secure their future.

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